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My natural handmade cosmetic business build from my grandmother’s wisdom

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Hello I’m Khatia Lobjanidze. My brand "Usuli" offers my customers 100% natural handmade cosmetics and natural self-care products. The idea of ​​starting an independent business came to me when my family returned from Tbilisi to Racha during the pandemic.

Our goal was to return to our native heartland and engage in our own activities in order to present our beautiful land from a different angle. We thoroughly studied the recipe of beauty elixir from my grandmother and started production. As of today, "Usuli" includes about twenty products, namely: day and night moisturizing ointment, eye ointment, lip balm, problem skin ointment, face and body cosmetic soap, soap and coffee scrub, honey mask, face serum, body wash gel, micellar water, men's facial moisturizer, beard serum, beard shaving foam and hair conditioning mask.

We call "Usuli" products "living" because the plant components contained in it retain their vital properties and the bioactive substances remain undamaged.

The products of the brand can be purchased on the website and in Racha, st. Social shop "Ethnoon" in Onshi. Our products are also featured on several e-commerce platforms.

In the future with "Usuli" I plan to open a boutique store in Tbilisi, to diversify its assortment. Also I have already planned a number of green activities in the direction of environmental protection.

Through the USAID program YES-Georgia, the awareness of "Usuli" increased, we became more self-confident, we received the necessary knowledge and advice for the successful development of our business. We met interesting people, women engaged in various entrepreneurial activities and we actively participate in USAID exhibitions.

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