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Mission Gold Chain

Jayamma of Jatti Agrahara village, like most village women, consumed at least three to five betel leaves every single day. ‘Paan’, as it is called, costs them more than Rs 20 per day. When Goverdhan delivered the Buzz Training in Jayamma’s village, he nudged her to think about what were the expenses that were costing her unnecessary financial burden.

Jayamma then thought through her monthly expenses and found that she was spending a significant amount of money, around Rs 5000 every year, on just consuming paan. Never before did she put a number to this indulgence of hers. Apart from being quite detrimental to her health, how wasteful a habit this was! This made her decide that she will cut down chewing pan and save that money to buy a gold chain for her daughter.

She didn’t make a big fuss out of it, but her husband, Rajasekhar, noticed that Jayamma was not chewing paan as much as she used to. He asked her why this change and she told her about her realization and her decision. Rajasekhar was impressed. He said, “I will join you in this mission”. He decided to cut down on chewing paan and also on his alcohol. When their efforts combined, the couple were able to buy the gold chain before their initial target time.

And thanks to the typical village curiosity, the couple’s neighbours noticed the change in their habits and that they bought a gold chain. Jayamma and Rajasekhar triumphantly shared their story of saving by cutting down on paan and alcohol and saving money for the gold chain. This inspired the neighbour couple they have decided and adopted ‘mission gold chain’ for their daughter as well by changing their habits.

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