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Little drops make the mighty ocean

Hello, I’m Soumya,

25 years old, a widow and single mother from Sundhgarahatti, Chitradurga. I fondly recall the self-shakti training given by Buzz’s trainer Archana. Though I was running my tailoring business, before I underwent Buzz’s Self Shakti training, I was not able to differentiate between income, investment, turnover & profit. I was blindly spending the money that I earned through my hard work.

Post training, I could understand the concept of running a business. I now write the accounts and I have mastered the book- keeping skills for my business. Apart from my business, through Buzz India, I now know the differences between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’. The income and expenses of the house has been balanced by changing certain spending habits. By cutting down unnecessary expenses, I now channel my earnings into savings such as RD, Sukanya Samruddhi for my 2.5 years old daughter.

Today, I’m the community's Gelathi and I’m on the path to create awareness amongst the women in my village to be courageous in the face of adversity, to have a plan ‘B’ for life and ample amount of savings to back your life and dreams. I know the real value of my each and every effort and money earned. My life planning, earnings and savings are on track and the little savings of today will give me a big return in the future. I give the entire credit to my beloved ‘Archana Madam’, who gave me the Self-Shakti training which is taking my life in the path of ascent.

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