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Leelavati Is Determined to Help Women Become Financially Independent

A strong woman who has always been interested in the well-being of her community, Leelavati came to Buzz India’s training and found herself touched by the cause to help women. “I was not saving money, I used to spend my money without any control. My husband was giving Rs.5000 per month but I couldn’t manage the expenses within that money and I borrowed money and have got caught in the troubles of being in debt. After Buzz India came and gave us this training, I realised that I should not create any more debt. If I have Rs.100, I will save Rs.10 at least out of it. Firstly, I should open a bank account after which I will save on a monthly basis or even weekly basis. From the money that accumulates I can fund the education of my children, I can build a house and progress in my life.”

Leelavati’s learning does not end here. “I learned so much from the training here that I now want many more women to know what I learned here. As part of my SHG group and other community activities, I am going to help other women become financially independent”, says a very confident Leelavati. That’s how change begins and creates ripples wherever it goes.

Watch Leelavati sharing the learning that she got from Buzz India and how she plans to share her knowledge with other women.

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