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Imagine Dignity by Uthara Narayanan

'Buzz Women provides a space for women to be themselves, not a daughter or wife or mother… but to be a woman. We will only have a world of dignity when all woman have found their voice. Because, when women believe in their inner power …they earn …they save. They influence the patriarch to change their attitudes. They bring their communities to dialogue for problem solving and they take steps to make their environment more resilient to climate change.' - Uthara said during her talk at the 'Imagine Dignity' event of Acumen Funds.

Our co-founder and Chief Changemaker in India Uthara Narayanan was a panellist at the event “Imagine Dignity”, a celebration of the two decades of Acumen Funds work to solve the problems of poverty. Uthara is an Acumen fellow from 2015. She was among the 15 of the fellows chosen from over 1000 fellows across the globe to attend the event. During the deep dive session the afternoon titled “The future of leadership”, Uthara spoke about what it takes to scale moral leadership through the network of Buzz Women's community anchors (called Gelathis in India) in the villages.

We are so proud of you Uthara!!

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