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I Became Courageous

When Manikanta closed his training at Amarahalli village and was collecting feedback from the women he trained, Lakshmamma shared a powerful answer. To his question on how her life changed after she attended our training, she said ‘I became courageous’.

This answer has so many layers to it. Lakshmamma had not just discovered her path to financial freedom, but to a larger change as an individual. Lakshmamma’s husband borrowed from many people in the village. She had not known anything about it until the day he disappeared from the village with all the money, abandoning her. She was now at the face of a personal crisis and financial crisis and did not know how to handle either of them. With this problem looming large, she walked in to attend Buzz India’s training.

As she attended the training, she started seeing new opportunities unfold in front of her. She thought of ways to improve her tailoring business. She thought of creating an alternate source of income. Her fear of how she will survive without the support of her husband started to dissipate. And by the end of the training, she found the courage to take up a huge responsibility – that she will earn and repay the debt that her husband created. She found confidence in her own ability to earn more and make this happen.

Sometimes we at Buzz feel we are at loss for words to define ourselves. Buzz is not just about financial training, or entrepreneurial or leadership training. There is much more that gets triggered in the minds and hearts of the women we train. Lakshmamma made us feel good about what we do, and her courage will be an inspiration to us.

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