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Brinda Is an Example for Setting a Goal and Achieving It

Brinda makes it all look very simple – setting a goal, going after it and achieving it. Here’s her story:

 “Namaste. My name is Brinda. I come from Vinayak Nagar, 3rd Cross, Tumkur. When I attended Buzz India’s training, I didn’t know anything about what is business, what is income or what is expenditure and the trainer explained everything. I made a xerox copy of all the worksheets that were given in the training – of saving, of income, everything – and I have been writing everything down. Be it for vegetables, for health, how much income I am getting – I wrote everything. In these four weeks, I saved Rs 3000 and I deposited it in the bank.

I did not have a goal about what I should do in my life. When I realized that I could also have a goal I thought I should become a Montessori teacher. My husband, impressed by how I saved money, told me that after attending Buzz India’s training you have proven that you have the capability to do something. He encouraged me to apply for a teaching job. To my great joy and I got my offer letter from Vasavi School. My mother, father, and my husband, all three have all offered to support me in my efforts in the coming years. For everything, I would like to thank Buzz India for giving me the training. Thank you.”

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