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Awa and the boys from her neighborhood

Hello, my name is Awa Jammeh.

I’m a business woman and a Buzz Anchor woman in my village, Kuloro in the Western region of The Gambia. Through the Buzz program I got the chance to enhance my business and leadership skills. I would love to share with you this story:

The boys in my neighborhood used to call themselves “Ku teye jeh”, meaning none of your business. They sat around on the street whole days just drinking. Spending as they get and standing by their code ‘none of your business’.

One day the “Ku teye jeh” boys decided to start a car wash business, but on the very first day of business they accidentally broke a very expensive part of the machine. They were left with the burden of replacing the part of the machine or being out of business.

The Buzz training had taught me a lot about saving and I decided to use this new wisdom and share my learnings with the youth in my community. I advised them and taught them cash-saving skills. It didn’t take long before the car wash business was saved by the savings I advised them to do.

I’m so happy and proud that I could use my new skills and share them with others. The car wash business continues to grow and there are more and more employment opportunities around.

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