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Aminata Takes Control of Her Fruit Business

Aminata’s fruit business was like that of a messed us wardrobe, an absolute disorder. She did not know what her expenses were, how much was the wastage, or how much was her loss or why she was suffering losses from her business.

When she came to Buzz Gambia’s training, she realized she had a problem to fix. And if she fixed this problem, her life will change dramatically. Aminata grasped from the training that she has to be financially wise. She began doing this by recording her income and expenses, taking help from her husband.

She started realizing that she was restocking fruits even when there was stock left with her. She analyzed how much was her sales every day and how she could reduce the wastage of excess stock. She decided that she would not buy her stocks every day, but will buy twice a week or whenever the need demands it. This streamlining helped her to reduce her losses due to wastage tremendously. There was a fringe benefit too. She did not realize that as she bought stock every day, her transportation costs to the town market to procure the stock was causing a burden on her finances. Now that she does not go every day to the market, she has been able to make a huge saving on this cost. Apart from saving money, she also saved time and effort here.

Aminata now has lesser wastage, more fresh stock, less transportation cost and has started earning a profit. Losses are now a thing of the past.

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