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A woman’s sacrifice to educate her family

She is determined to make her children graduate and goes to the extreme to use a plot of land for her dry-season garden without the landowner's permission.

Nyalling Sandeng is a determined mother from Sanyang Bungkiling, after her buzz training. Her desire to get her family out of poverty doubled. She had a backyard garden she worked on at home during the summer. During the dry seasons, she will occupy other available spaces at her disposal. We ask Nyalling, what is motivating her to go to such extremes.

“ My main concern is the Education of my children and food to eat, I work whole year round so i can secure a bright future for my children. They are all going to school in case am no more, they will be able to excel. As a poor person working for a better future for my children is the best I can do. I have started my savings box at home and plan to open it by the end of the vegetable season.

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