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A refound passion

Hello, I’m Clara Mkheidze.

When I was a little girl my mom used to tell me everyday ‘being a housekeeper is not a valued job’.At a young age I decided I wanted to become a business

woman. Not wanting to be a ‘house mom’ gave me huge motivation and the energy I needed to create something for myself.

For 26 years I worked in tourism, but because of the pandemic this became a big challenge. During this time I reinvented a childhood passion: handmade jewelry. ‘I believe that every crisis exposes a new opportunity’, and so I started creating accessories my self. Every piece is unique and every piece has a different energy. While I’m making the pieces I try to inject the energy that the customer needs. The customers tell me they can feel this and give me a lot of heartwarming feedback. This is a huge motivation and makes me happy to continue doing what I do.

Despite my 26 year experience with customer care, the Buzz Georgia program has taught me to redefine my communication skills and also new modern business skills. ‘Because of the program I’ve been able to spread the word about my business in my neighborhood’. My plans for 2022 are to create a line of silvers accessories to my collection!

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