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A holistic approach in business

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Marina Nariashvili is an owner of a cozy guesthouse called Edemi in Akhaltsikhe, Samtskhe-Javakheti region. Through the Buzz Georgia training Marina gained entrepreneurship development, business management, financial literacy, and leadership skills. These sk

ills helped her to become a leader in her community and strengthen her businesses.

Today Marina is a successful entrepreneur. She manages her hotel and actively promotes Georgian cuisine, especially Meskhetian dishes. In recent years, bread baked b

y her in a Meskhetian oven has become especially popular. She plans to set up a small bakery enterprise, where she will bake artisan Mekhetian bread and sell it widely. Marina plans to purchase heritage varieties of wheat from local farmers, motivating them to grow it and help prevent this type of wheat from becoming extinct.

This is the kind of ripple effect we are extremely proud to see happening. When women entrepreneurs businesses flourish they automatically want others around them to flourish too. They will take care of the environment, honouring the knowledge of former generations and passing it down to future generations to come,

Thank you Marina for inspiring us with your holistic approach of doing business!

By 2024, our flagship women’s entrepreneurship support program aims to support 2,500 women through financing, training, mentorship, and networking activities.


Buzz Georgia is part of the USAID YES GEORGIA Program: "Supporting Youth and Women Entrepreneurship in Georgia"

USAID YES-Georgia, implemented by the Crystal Fund with the financial support of the American people through USAID and the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity (W-GDP) Initiative. Additional financial support is provided by JSC MFO Crystal.

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