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Our ambition

We invite all women to join the movement. To manifest their inner power and strengthen each others. 

Our ambition is to enable 10 million women by 2030 to transform their lives and become drivers of progress.
Indian women sitting in a line next to each other

"This is my invitation to you.
To start growing together.

It's the call to stand up
For who you truly are
And what you believe in
When you rise
You will be carried
The time is now
For love and power
Get behind the wheel
And start driving progress."
As a housewife I often wondered: is this it? My life revolved around my family, my children and doing the laundry. But I felt I was capable of more, of starting something new. The Buzz Women training helped me realize this. Next, my self-confidence grew exponentially.
Indian woman cooking at ther home
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