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“This Is Not How I Should Live My Life”

Not many are able to understand what a woman goes through when she’s asked to leave her independent life, her job, and her earnings to become a housewife, bound to household chores. For Bhagya, this meant a great deal of emotional stress. it was to Adjusting with her alcoholic husband and his demanding family was by itself emotionally challenging. Moreover, the gnawing thought that marriage took away the freedom that she had as a working woman, troubled her.

Bhagya, Gollahalli villaga

“This is not the way I should live my life”, heaved Bhagya after attending the Buzz training. The training triggered the inner strength that Bhagya carried within herself and made her look at her life from a new perspective. She stopped seeing herself as a victim and realized that she has the power within her to start changing her life.

As the first step, she volunteered to become a Buzz Gelathi, a role that requires her to come out of her confines and help women like her find their way to change. As she started interacting with other women, she started opening up and shared her problems with them. This is something she had never done before and her pent-up mental frustrations started leaving her, one by one.

In one of Bhagya’s conversations with our Gelathi Facilitator, Gayithri, gave her a suggestion to undergo a BPO course that was being held in the nearby town. Bhagya wouldn’t let go of this opportunity. She convinced her husband and family and took the three-month-long course. By the end of the course, she got a job in the same town – a joy that she can describe with no words.

From being emotionally wrecked to being a woman who is in control, her transformation is bringing change to her family as well. Her husband is now showing signs of being more responsible. Her decision to admit her three-year-old daughter into the Anganwadi while went to work was accepted. And Bhagya is so much more at peace with herself.

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