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Saving Little by Little, Wherever Possible

Prema Kumari, a tailor living in Araluru village, is on a savings spree. Be it electricity, water or money, she has become extremely judicious in how she manages her resources. After she attended the Buzz training, she couldn’t stop herself from finding out these small loopholes through which her money was slipping away.

She went back home and started cutting down on all her unwanted expenses. She made sure that all her income and expenses got recorded every day. She diligently maintained her accounts and took complete control over her finances. She brought about a total behavioral change in the house that she saved enough money to invest and earn more income. Prema invested in a high-power tailoring machine and converted her small-time tailoring businesses into a commercial unit with better capacity. She bought two hens and now increased to 15 hens and she’s earning from selling eggs.

Prema’s ability to bring about such a robust change to her life is truly commendable. It took only a small nudge and she picked up the baton to change her life.

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