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Dream big Haddy!

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Haddy's bakery serves hundreds if not thousands in the village of Sanchaba, The Gambia. One can imagine how much influence she has within her community. Her business is suffering from an unstable power supply coupled with a damaged generator part and this part couldn’t even be replaced within the country.

Haddy's determination as a self-empowered Buzz woman is unlike many, when asked what she does to keep her business going she took us to the back of her house. Here she started growing bitter tomatoes, okra, cassava, lettuce, cucumbers, parsley, spinach and “kereng kereng”. Along the wall of the garden there is a partition, where she has a couple of sheep. She now also has a spot at Tippa garage market where she exposes her vegetables and also sells cosmetics and used cloths on the side.

'I Am really happy to do the Buzz Women training with fellow women in my community,' said, Haddy Touray. 'I believe it was an eye-opener for us to realize our value and potential to do more.'

Haddy also wants kids to get involved in the Buzz Program as the future depends on them. Initiatives and ideas that arise from within are the true treasures of the Buzz Women movement. It's what determines our next steps and shows us the way forward. Thank you Haddy!

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