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From Zero Savings to Saving Rs 2500 in Just One Month

Totally unpredictable – that’s how Rathnamma’s financial situation was a few months ago. She and her husband are silkworm farmers in a remote village called Juttegowdana Valase. Their earnings have always been meager and the struggle to mitigate losses and stay afloat marred their everyday life. Rathnamma and her husband had never even thought that they could save money. But thankfully, that’s not the situation anymore.

Rathnamma saw a huge perspective shift in her life when she attended the Buzz training. She started analyzing her own life and business. “How can I save money? What can I do to earn more? How do I build a house? How do I plan for the education of my children?” Her mind started seeking answers.

The answers have started coming to her within just one month of attending the training. She came back home from the training and started analyzing how she can cut down the expenses of their silkworm farm. She decided that they have to become smart in their spending ways so that they earn more and reduce losses. She found that they hired the services of one extra person for a job that she herself could do. She told her husband that they could stop shelling out money to pay the salary of this extra person. He got convinced and by the end of the month, they saved Rs. 2500, something that the family has never achieved before!

If you look beyond financial success, you will see that Rathnamma was able to convince her husband to implement her idea. Rathnamma is very proud to have proven it to her husband that it was indeed a smart decision.

With her first step towards financial freedom proving to be a success, Rathnamma is now confident that she can turn her life around. She’s judicious about her expenses and is also looking at what other opportunities she can pursue to earn more. She wants to enroll herself in a tailoring class. She is also begun to think about building their own house – a dream that she now feels she can achieve by planning well.

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