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funding & partnerships

We are looking for people
and companies that

love impact,

and believe in the power of women to transform society


How we'll use your money

The funds we receive are invested into three areas:

  • To build the regenerative model

  • To widen and deepen our impact

  • To scale our reach

Regenerative Model

We believe in the power of collaboration. Current partners have joined our regenerative business model and became enablers of progress. Our Shakti Fund makes the model circular and allows us to become financially sustainable in the upcoming years.

Pay it forward

The cost of one woman getting access to transformation and being trained in India is €6 and in Africa €10. Each year women pay a membership fee of €6, to enable another women to get trained.  Meaning the money invested keeps coming back into our ecosystem. We call this the Shakti Fund.

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Are you ready to join our journey?

Get in touch with our offices, we're excited to meet you!


The Gambia:

The Netherlands/Global:

The Gambia


We should honor the many organizations, initiatives, and individuals striving for global gender equality. A great example is Buzz Women whose mission is to elevate rural communities by empowering female leadership. The link between gender equality and environmental justice is clear and the women trained by Buzz Women face the effects of climate change in their daily lives. These women are uniquely connected to their communities and to the nature around their villages, so by providing educational tools and entrepreneurship training, Buzz Women helps provide the knowledge and understanding of what is needed to adapt to our changing environmental circumstances while simultaneously boosting women’s financial and social wellbeing.

—  Ryan Gellert, General Manager at Patagonia —



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