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Mission & Ambition

Every single day more women join the Buzz Women network to work on their development and change the world together. We set the process in motion, women take the lead. The result is an unstoppable process of positive change in which women are driving progress in their families, communities and society at large.

African women teaching and explaining with a flipchart

Our mission

Is for women to:

discover their inner strength,

manifest their ideas and dreams,

drive progress in society.

Our vision

Is an equal world where men & women thrive and reinforce each other. A world where all women and girls get the opportunity to connect with their inner strength, to shape their own future and drive positive change around the world. 

Our ambition

Is to unite 10 million women around the world by 2030 and show the world what happens when women become drivers of progress globally. 

Indian women sitting in a line next to each other

Our values

Our starting point is dignity, treating every human being with respect and grace. We bring opportunity to the doorstep of women in a relevant and accessible way.

We have an unwavering belief in the power within women to transform their lives and be responsible for the growth of myself, my family and my community.

At Buzz we are dreamers and doers. We make things happen, learn from our mistakes and give our best every single day.

Our destination is lasting impact: enabling women to become future makers.

Our goal is lasting impact in the lives of women, their families and communities. Read more about the outcomes of our work.

As a housewife I often wondered: is this it? My life revolved around my family, my children and doing the laundry. But I felt I was capable of more, of starting something new. The Buzz Women training helped me realize this. Next, my self-confidence grew exponentially.
Indian woman cooking at ther home
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